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So much more than just rice.

If you’re serious about cooking rice, you need a dedicated rice cooker. And if you’re ready for the best rice cookers on the market, you need a Zojirushi. We have been the market leader for years, and we have a rice cooker for every budget and every kitchen. Explore the world of Zojirushi rice cookers today.

What are the differences between rice cookers?

Rice cookers use a variety of technologies to heat and cook rice. Conventional rice cookers are the most basic, with just a thermostat and a heating element. Micom, or micro-computerized models have programmed cooking "flows" to make adjustments to cooking time and temperature. IH models are also micom, but utilize induction heating technology to heat, instead of a electric heater. The top-of-the-line models apply pressure during cooking, for the ultimate cooking results.

No matter the technology, the principle is the same: we heat the rice perfectly to ensure a tasty, worry-free outcome. Read more about the various kinds of rice cookers below.

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How do I cook rice in a rice cooker?

Although the details may vary slightly from model to model, the process of cooking rice in your Zojirushi rice cooker couldn’t be simpler.

  • 1. Measure rice

    Use the included rice measuring cup to measure rice. Fill to overflow and level off.

  • 2. Wash rice

    It's important to wash the rice to remove excess starch.

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  • 3. Measure water

    Use water lines and fill to the line that matches the type and cups of rice being cooked.

  • 4. Select menu and hit START!

    Choose the right menu setting and press START!

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Can I cook things besides rice in a rice cooker?

Absolutely! Your rice cooker is actually a versatile appliance for cooking a variety of grains and foods. Depending on the model, your Zojirushi can handle far more than simple white rice.

  • Short Grain White Rice

    Zojirushi's standard rice for all rice cookers.

  • Medium Grain White Rice

    More widely available in the US, interchangeable with short grain white rice.

  • Long Grain White Rice

    Most popular in the US, use designated LONG GRAIN menu setting when cooking.

  • Jasmine White Rice

    Often categorized as long grain rice, Zojirushi offers a dedicated JASMINE menu setting to preserve its fragrance.

  • Short Grain Brown Rice

    Rice without the husk removed, use designated BROWN or GABA BROWN menu setting when cooking.

  • Quinoa

    Cook perfectly fluffy and slightly nutty quinoa with a touch of a button, fully automatic and hands-free.

  • Steel Cut Oats

    No more messy overflows on the stove! Zojirushi will cook it slow and low, all on its own.

  • Rolled Oats

    No need to watch the pot over the stove. Zojirushi will cook your oatmeal to perfection.

  • Porridge and Congee

    The Porridge setting cooks a thicker, Japanese style rice porridge using short or medium grain white rice, while Congee makes a thinner, Chinese style rice porridge using Jasmine white rice.

  • Steam

    Steam protein or veggies while you cook rice, or use the rice cooker as a steamer. Steam setting can be set in 1-minute increments.

  • Slow Cook

    Allows the rice cooker to function like any slow cooker, by utilizing the timer to cook for up to 4 hours in precise 1-minute increments.

  • Cake

    Can bake cakes, right in the rice cooker with the inner pan. Just mix the ingredients and add to the pan. Baking time can be set in 1-minute increments.

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My rice didn’t turn out as I expected. What did I do wrong?

A Zojirushi rice cooker is as close as anyone can get to the ultimate in simple, one-touch rice cooking. But of course, there are some things we know that can still go wrong. Here are a few:

  • Rice is hard

    Cause: Water was not measured accurately, rice is old and dry, or has become dry due to storage condition.

    What you can do: Add a little extra water when cooking.

  • Rice is too soft

    Cause: Water was not measured accurately or correct menu setting was not selected.

    What you can do: Reduce a little water when cooking.

  • Rice turns yellow

    Cause: Rice was not washed thoroughly, cooked rice was kept in Keep Warm setting for a long time.

    What you can do: Consume cooked rice as soon as possible, use extended keep warm.

  • Overflowing or spitting

    Cause: Excessive amounts of ingredients and/or water, or wrong menu setting was selected.

    What you can do: Follow cooking guidelines and utilize water measure lines.

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Convenient, Powerful Features

Zojirushi rice cookers are intelligent tools in the modern kitchen. Different types of rice and grains require different temperatures, timing, and sensors to cook perfectly. Our competitors can’t match the powerful features here. Not all models have all features. Please see our product page to compare models.

  • GABA Brown Menu Setting

    Activates the GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) content in brown rice by keeping the temperature at 104°F for 2 hours prior to cooking. GABA activation releases 1.5 times the amount of this amino acid compared to regular brown rice. GABA is said to be helpful in lowering blood pressure, improving kidney function and in relieving stress.

  • Umami Menu Setting

    Adjusts the pre-soak and steaming time at the end of the cooking cycle, to maximize the flavor of the rice. Prolonging the soaking time releases the internal sugars of the rice into the water, which then re-attaches to the outer layer of the grains when it cooks. This gives the rice an extra dimension of taste.

  • Sushi Rice Menu Setting

    Designated for short or medium grain white rice, and cooks the rice to a firmer consistency for easier handling when forming into sushi. Once cooked, remove from pan and season with sushi vinegar.

  • Mixed Rice Menu Setting

    Designated for when cooking rice with seasonings and additional ingredients like vegetables and protein. Has a shorter pre-soak time and modifies cooking as seasonings tend to burn easily.

  • Triple Heater

    Heating elements heat and warm the rice from the bottom, sides and top. The top heater helps reduce condensation during Keep Warm, which prevents the rice from getting mushy.

  • Detachable and Washable Inner Lid

    The inside part of the lid is removable, as the lid often becomes dirty from foam that arises during cooking. Recommended to clean after every use.

  • Removable Steam Vent Cap

    This large steam vent cap allows the rice cooker to cook at high heat without overflowing by collecting foam that comes out of the steam vent during cooking.

  • Spherical Pan & Heating System

    Spherical pan and heater shape allows for even cooking. The pan shape perfectly matches the heater shape for efficient heating.

  • Scratch Resistant Nonstick Interior

    The inner cooking pan can be used to rinse and wash your rice without worrying about scratching, saving the need for a separate bowl.

  • High Contrast Water Measurement Markings

    Water level lines are clearly visible, making measurement easy and precise. Just fill water to the level that matches the amount and type of rice being cooked.

  • Delay Timer

    Set your rice cooker at night for freshly cooked steel cut oatmeal in the morning, or set it up in the morning for fresh rice for dinner. Most models come with 2 timer settings.

  • Zojirushi's Signature Melody Signal

    Alert sounds when cooking begins, timer is set or cooking has completed. Choice of default melody, beep alert or in some models, silent or mute mode.

What does the rice cooker capacity mean?

The capacity indicated on all of our rice cookers are the maximum amount of raw short grain white rice that can be cooked, measured with the included rice measuring cup (approx. 3/4 standard U.S. cup). The maximum capacity for other types of rice (brown rice, long grain, etc.) will differ.

A 3 cup rice cooker is generally ideal for singles and couples. A 5.5 cup rice cooker generally works well for a family of 4, and a 10 cup rice cooker for larger families.

What comes with my rice cooker?

All Zojirushi rice cookers include rice measuring cup(s) and a spatula. Rice measuring cup capacity is approx. 6 oz. / 180mL.

Some models also include a spatula holder and rinse free measuring cup.

Some models include a steaming basket.

  • Temaki Sushi Hand Rolls

    Temaki Sushi, or hand-rolled sushi is easy to make at home with a little bit of preparation. Here are some basic instructions on how to hand-roll your own. It's easy to learn and fun to make, perfect for a sushi party!

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  • Steel Cut Oatmeal

    Did you know steel cut oatmeal is easy to make in a rice cooker? And the best part? The delay timer. Set up the rice cooker at night, for freshly, and perfectly cooked steel cut oatmeal first thing in the morning!

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  • Chesapeake Crab Carrot Rice

    Have you cooked rice with carrot juice? It gives the rice a beautiful orange color that makes this dish unique. The crab seasoning adds a savory taste to this mixed rice – a fun dish for your weekend potluck party!

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