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Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer NW-QAC10/18

Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer NW-QAC10/18

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Why is Induction Heating Better?

Induction Heating, or IH technology generates high heat and makes fine heat adjustments which result in fluffier rice.

Compared to a heating element on a micom rice cooker, it heats faster and cools faster, to make finer heat adjustments while cooking.

Only with the right sequence of on and off is rice cooked to perfection.

  • Flat-Top Design

    For a sophisticated look, plus less parts to clean with an integrated steam cap

  • Flat Frame and Flat Interior

    Minimal nooks and crannies keep the rice cooker clean

  • Convenient Steam Function

    Adjustable timer and BPA-free steaming tray accessory

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Custom Cooking Pan

Spherical design for better heat conduction and to promote convection during cooking

Double nonstick coating for easy clean-up

Water measure lines for all menus, plus lines per 1/2 cup of rice for white rice

Multi-Menu Cooking Functions

White, quick white, mixed, sushi/sweet, Jasmine, quick Jasmine, congee, brown, GABA brown, steel cut oatmeal, quinoa and steam

With an easy-to-read LCD menu, simply select what’s for dinner and let the rice cooker do the rest

  • GABA Brown

    Increases GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in brown rice 150% by keeping the temperature at 104°F for 2 hours before cooking.

  • Congee

    Makes a thinner, Chinese style rice porridge using Jasmine white rice without standing over the pot or constant stirring.

  • Steel Cut Oatmeal

    For cooking perfect steel cut oatmeal. Utilize the delay timer to have freshly cooked steel cut oatmeal for breakfast.

  • Quinoa

    Hands-free cooking and perfect for power bowls and salads, the Quinoa course is designed specifically for cooking quinoa.

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Other Features

* Made in Japan
* Convenient self-cleaning function reduces odors
* Self-standing rice spatula
* Zojirushi's Commitment to Safe Design: Integrated steam vent reduces messy overflows; sensors to ensure unit is set up properly
* cETLus listed, tested to comply with FCC standards
* Instruction manual in English and French (Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese available online)

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Model No.: NW-QAC10
Capacity*: Up to 5.5 cups / 1.0 liter
Dimensions (W x D x H): 9-1/4 x 12-1/4 x 7-7/8 inches
Electrical Rating: 120 volts / 1,080 watts
Color: Black (-BA)

Model No.: NW-QAC18
Capacity*: Up to 10 cups / 1.8 liters
Dimensions (W x D x H): 10-3/8 x 13-3/8 x 9 inches
Electrical Rating: 120 volts / 1,310 watts
Color: Black (-BA)

*Capacity is measured in the approx. 6.1 fl. oz. / 180mL rice measuring cup, using raw short grain white rice. Other grains may vary.

Instruction Manual Download