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Make your first cup amazing.

We know how important that first cup of coffee in the morning is to you, and Zojirushi coffee makers ensure the perfect cup. Our drip coffee makers come in a variety of configurations with either a glass carafe or a vacuum insulated thermal carafe. And if you’re looking for a small coffee maker, we have that, too! If you’re looking for the best coffee maker, we believe you’ve found it.

What makes Zojirushi coffee makers special?

To ensure the perfect cup, Zojirushi coffee makers heat water to the ideal brewing temperature to get the most flavor coffee from your beans. Additionally, the pre-infusion cycle evenly wets coffee grounds before brewing, allowing them to bloom for perfect extraction of flavor and aroma.

What are the different types of coffee makers?

  • Thermal Carafe Type

    Durable and keeps coffee hot without a heating element.

  • Glass Carafe Type

    Lightweight and easy to see how much coffee you have left.

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Can I make iced coffee in my coffee maker?

Absolutely! All Zojirushi coffee makers have water lines for iced coffee so you can eliminate the guesswork. It uses the Japanese iced coffee method in which dark brewed hot coffee is flash chilled to lock in the aroma and taste. Simple but genius.

What comes with my coffee maker?

All Zojirushi coffee makers include a convenient measuring spoon that is designed to measure coffee grounds, so that the brewed coffee will have the perfect water to coffee ground ratio.

Some models may include a permanent stainless mesh coffee filter or sample paper filters for convenience.

  • Simply Iced Coffee

    Japanese iced coffee method is used where dark brewed hot coffee is flash chilled to lock in aroma and taste.

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  • Banana Coffee Smoothie

    Start your morning right with this refreshing smoothie! It is easy to make and absolutely delicious!

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  • Creamy Coffee Ice Cream

    Our coffee ice cream easy to make – we promise you will not need an ice cream machine.

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