Celebrate Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary in style with our exclusive designs! Our stainless mugs and food jars are great everyday items to take your drink and food to go. Don’t miss out on these adorable designs, and be a part of the celebration!

  • Hello Kitty® Hayashi Rice (Hashed Beef with Rice)

    Thinly sliced beef in a savory gravy, topped with yours truly. Hello Kitty® is made of rice, using red cabbage to dye her outfit, and red bell peppers for her bow.

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  • Hello Kitty® Rice Pizza

    A fun pizza made with rice, covered with cheese and topped with nori seaweed wiskars, yellow belpepper nose, and a red bell pepper bow. The pizza base has lots of veggies and flavor too!

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  • Lunch with Hello Kitty®

    Pair some warm minestrone soup or cold fruit salad in your Hello Kitty® Food Jar with your favorite sandwich for a heartwarming or refreshing lunch with friends.