• 12 Micro-Computerized Cooking Functions for a Variety of Uses

    Toast, Bagel, Pizza, Cookie, Bake, Roast, Broil, Homemade, Rise, Timed Toast, Reheat, and Keep Warm

  • Micro-Computerized Precise Temp Control with 8 Heating Elements

    Creates even heating and promotes precise temperature control for better results

  • Interior Oven Light Only When You Need It

    30-second button illuminates the oven interior to check doneness of your food for perfect results

Completely Automated Toast and Bagel Functions

Gauges interior temperature and makes fine temperature adjustments for consistent results; with 5 toast shades and frozen selection for up to 4 slices of toast or bagel halves

Automatic Rise-then-Bake Homemade Function for Easy Bread-Baking

Proofs dough for a second rise then automatically switches to bake for hands-off baking

  • Bake a 12" Fresh Pizza

  • Evenly Toast Breads

  • Baked Not Fried

  • The Possibilities are Endless