Is your hot coffee cooling down too soon? Or is your ice-cold water warming up before you’ve finished? You need Zojirushi stainless steel vacuum insulated mugs & bottles. Our vacuum insulation keeps your drinks hot or cold, so you can enjoy a sip anytime. And our vacuum insulation is lightweight and compact, so you can enjoy a sip anywhere. This is more than a regular stainless steel water bottle or thermal travel mug. A stylish, dependable vacuum insulated bottle or mug is just what you need for all the adventures in front of you.

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What is vacuum insulation?

Vacuum means the air between the outer and inner layers of stainless steel has been removed to create a vacuum insulation. It blocks heat from transferring through air.

The vacuum layer does not have to be thick, as the absence of air is what's important and not the amount. Zojirushi's vacuum insulation is as thin as 1mm, keeping the unit compact and lightweight without compromising temperature retention.

How do Zojirushi vacuum mugs and bottles keep drinks hot (or cold)?

Heat loss happens through 3 methods, and Zojirushi vacuum insulated products use the following methods to block them. Drinks stay hot because heat doesn't escape. Drinks stay cold because outside heat can't get in.

  • 1. Vacuum insulation blocks heat from transferring through air

    Vacuum insulation prevents heat loss through conduction. Since the air– which is a conductor  – is removed between the inner and outer layers of stainless steel, heat isn’t transferred.

  • 2. Aluminum or copper foil reflects heat

    A thin sheet of aluminum or copper is wrapped around the outer surface of the inner layer to help reflect radiant heat.

  • 3. Lid blocks heat convection

    And finally, heat transfer through convection is blocked by tightly sealing the lids on each of the products. Most lids have their own air insulation to further reduce heat loss.

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What is the difference between the various models?

The type of product is defined below. Some are designed to drink directly out of, while others come with a cup to pour into.

  • Flip-Open Lid Mug

    Designed to drink directly through the lid, the flip-open lid makes it easy to take a sip while sealing the drink spout and keeping out dust.

  • Twist-Off Lid Mug

    Designed to drink directly from the cup, the twist-off lid seals tightly and keeps the sip area clean when closed.

  • Bottle with Cup

    Zojirushi bottles come with a one-touch pour through stopper, and a lid that conveniently turns into a cup for drinking.

  • Tumbler

    Designed to drink directly from the cup, Zojirushi tumblers keeps the exterior cool, or condensation free.

  • Cool Bottle

    Zojirushi cool bottles have a unique drinking spout and are designed for cold beverages only.

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Another key feature is the interior finish. There are two types of finishes, SlickSteel® polished stainless steel, and nonstick coated stainless steel.

  • SlickSteel Polished

    Our proprietary SlickSteel® is an electrolysis polishing method that makes the 18/8 stainless steel interior highly resistant to corrosion and stains.

  • Nonstick Coating

    Our nonstick surface is a durable coating that resists odor and stains, making cleaning quick and easy. Some models have a double layer of nonstick coating.

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    Shake, shake and shake! Here's a simple and tasty matcha green tea drink recipe, perfect to take with you on a warm day for a refreshing sip, whenever, or where ever you go.

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  • Cold Buster Soothie

    A warm, lemon and honey drink to warm your body and soothe your throat on those days when you're feeling a bit under the weather. Take your time sipping, your Zojirushi mug will keep it warm for hours.

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  • Green Tea White Virgin Sangria

    A fruity and festive drink that's alcohol-free, perfect for the whole family. Serve in your Zojirushi Tumbler to keep it chilly, even on a hot day, and better yet? No condensation!

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